Health is considered to be a high, sometimes even the highest good. A goal of the future design of the health care delivery system will be to ensure the requirements-based delivery of medical care for all citizens and to create the requirements for health equity. The related individual, economic and societal challenges and potential are closely linked to the demographic transformation.
In addressing both of these themes, the question is which contributions technical progress can make to health maintenance, diagnostics and therapy as well as to supporting self-determination and participation but also to employment and value creation in an aging society.

Demographic Transformation

The aging of society and its changing composition – e.g. due to migration – describe one of the central global megatrends. Germany has been particularly affected by this demographic transformation. But we would not be the country of innovators if we wouldn’t want to design these changes. With the help of social, organisational and technical innovations, it is possible to weaken the detrimental developments and to mobilise their potential – age and experience, migration and creativity, generations and equity.
In this regard, it is particularly important to preserve Germany’s innovativeness in order to safeguard the material basis of our prosperity in this manner. Themes such as digitalisation, education and the work world play a central role in this regard and complement the existing focuses such as nursing care and medical care.


Health-related themes are a main focus of our work. This concerns both the methods and technologies for the delivery of health care as well as the question of how they can be designed to be “future-proof” and which measures will be required for achieving this. In this regard, the supply of medications and medical technology solutions constitute an indispensable element. However, in the future, the question will be asked more and more frequently regarding the new services we need in order to make technological innovations beneficial to all citizens. In this context, eHealth will be a central theme in the future. The related transformation and organisation of the delivery of health care must be clearly oriented to the actual requirements and must be designed to be “future-proof” – also with regards to its financing between the state and the market. For example, this also requires new training programmes and continuing education formats.

Advising, Analysing, Organising, Promoting

We support and advise our customers during the development and establishment of new forms of medical care delivery under the pressures of new technological possibilities and far-reaching changes. While relying on the analysis of trends, a profound knowledge of the medical practice and health economics as well as of societal developments, we design customised solutions and measures.
A comprehensive analysis of the challenges is also the focus of our addressing of demographic transformation. In this regard, the core issues are how self-determination and participation can be supported by technical innovations, how these may contribute to employment and value-creation in a changing society and which concrete approaches are related to this.