Mann mit Datenbrille

Intelligent robots, the smallest interconnected devices or learning algorithms for the interpretation of neuro-signals: Today, the human uses technology that is no longer a passive tool but rather an active companion in his life. We have surrounded ourselves with technical tools, useful aids or gadgetry for thousands of years. However, during recent years, a new dynamic has developed which has brought humans and technology increasingly close together. Technical systems are also becoming more autonomous; and, owing to their functional scope, the challenge for humans to utilise and control technology in a targeted manner and according to his will is also growing.

Responsible Interaction

A combination of key technologies such as information and communication technology, robotics, cognitive sciences and engineering, design, psychology and social sciences is required in order to responsibly design the interaction between the human and modern technology. Only in this manner can a rigid and mechanical function be replaced by a natural interaction corresponding to the human senses. Thus, technology can no longer just react to impulses from the human, but may rather act more and more independently.

In this regard, technology learns from and with the human. Autonomous systems are created which assume responsibility for the individual assistance tasks and master complex situations. Nonetheless, regardless of whether it is in one’s vehicle, workplace, or in one’s own four walls: The better technology is tailored to the interests and abilities of humans in various action and support contexts, the more urgently questions regarding ethical and legal issues need to be answered.

Advising, Analysing, Promoting, Organising

At VDI/VDE-IT, multi-disciplinary teams have already been working for some years to anticipate these developments and to describe options for action.

We support politicians, science and business in Germany and internationally to deal with the challenges and opportunities that the new relationship between the human and technology brings with it.

We search collectively with all relevant actors for the best framework conditions in order to attain success in interdisciplinary and multi-perspective research & development projects.

We ensure that both strategic planning as well as implementations on short notice will be successfuly carried out.

Innovations in the field of interaction between the human and technology are meant to be created in a highly-dynamic manner in the centuries to come – deliberately chosen and constructed by humans and precisely tailored to their needs.