Data Science und Big Data

Digitalisation has now permeated almost all areas of the private sector and public life. The resulting huge quantities of data are utilised in various ways. Conventional methods for evaluating these data are now reaching their limits, so the importance of machine-powered data analysis is increasing rapidly. As such, data science and big data solutions are key technologies for digitalisation.

Data Science for Research Funding

The analysis of certain types of data is particularly worthwhile and useful for research funding purposes. Strategic knowledge can be gained by analysing data about research, publications and patents, in addition to data from social networks, news websites and other sources of data from the fields of science and research.

Our expertise in this area stems from the knowledge we have gained from experience, combined with our colleagues’ specialist expertise in using new analysis procedures. The main focus is on intelligent algorithms and extensive database systems for analysing, visualising and evaluating data. We are constantly refining our technologies to meet the growing and changing demands on funding. Our innovative procedures use machine learning methods and elements of game theory, as well as optimisation models and simulation methods.

Compared to traditional approaches, the scope for gained knowledge and possible applications is far greater. For example, data discovery makes it possible to discover connections within datasets that were previously unknown. Furthermore, predictive analytics can be used to predict the probability of future events occurring.

Advising, Analysing, Promoting and Organising

We can help you to develop and evaluate research activities. We find similarities between existing or planned research proposals and illuminate thematic emphases and gaps. For the trend or topic in question, we identify networks of players. This enables us to identify key figures and their partnerships and gives you an overview of innovation landscapes. We also take a close look at regional activities and disparities, from both a scientific and an economic perspective, and we identify areas where action is required. In this way, we seek to partner with you to implement the best possible promotion.
You can also visit our project management laboratory, the ‘PT-Lab’, where we are constantly refining our technologies.