Digitalisation, above all technologies that are generally summarised under the term artificial intelligence, offer companies great opportunities to increase their productivity and offer better products or services. However, digitalisation also requires rethinking and reimagining the development of business models. Digital platforms and ecosystems are challenging established practices and small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are still struggling with this development. How positioning in new business fields can succeed is highly dependent on regional and contextual circumstances.

Change is particularly challenging for stagnating and shrinking regions, as they often have inadequate starting conditions: economic structural weakness, low innovation capacity, a tight labour market or fragile infra-structures and supply structures. Here, special efforts are needed within the framework of regional development in order to build sustainable structures by mobilising the endogenous development potentials to prevent regions from "being left behind".

Advising, analysing, promoting, organising

We support our clients by analysing the initial situation and developing strategies that strengthen the regional economy. In this way, we help to create equal living conditions and to use the opportunities of digitalisation.