The simulation of complex, socially relevant issues has long since established itself as the third pillar of science alongside theory construction and experimentation. Be it in the fields of climate, energy, health, nutrition, mobility, security or communication, the simulation of complex systems is a major tool for knowledge creation in many areas. The following applies to all possible uses: The more precisely complex issues are simulated virtually, the higher the processing power required. High-performance computing describes computer systems with performances that are significantly higher than those of individual PCs.

HPC is the basis for precise simulations and is therefore acknowledged as one of the decisive factors for the success of the German research landscape and many areas of our industry. High-performance computers contribute to strengthening both Germany's and Europe's leading position in key technologies and the competitiveness of our science and industry. In order to fully exploit the potential of high-performance computers, the skills needed to build and operate them must be maintained and further developed in Europe - this applies especially to the necessary hardware. To achieve technological sovereignty in this important research area, a joint European effort is needed.

Advising, Analysing, Promoting, Organising

We support our customers in the development of concepts to strengthen the HPC sector. We are particularly active at the interface between the public sector, industry and research in order to successfully transfer the HPC knowledge, which has been strongly academic in the past, to the industrial environment. Thematically, we have insight into the important interface between hardware and software, where we benefit greatly from our extensive experience in the field of electronics.