Brilliant ideas and clever innovations can thrive only if they are supported by the right offices. Thus, we organise branches and contact offices for public programmes and assume responsibility for development and expansion as well as the management of industrial and research networks. We make ourselves available here as a contact person for industry, research and medium-sized businesses while providing our specialised know-how.

We also bring people and organisations together on yet another level. We initiate and monitor networking processes, organise innovation policy competitions and implement supporting measures in order to eliminate barriers to innovation. At informational events, workshops and conferences, we promote a lively exchange of ideas and offer a necessary framework for the development of new ideas.

In order to make the processes and results accessible to the public as well, we also develop customised solutions for the broad-based and technology-specific press and publicity work. We conceive publications and websites, organise events and press conferences, design trade fair booths and set up social networks.