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Our aim is to work closely with you to jointly realise the best project funding possible. We develop individual solutions for you, covering all the steps in the funding process. In our laboratory, innovative problem-solving approaches merge with practical knowledge and experience.

As a project manager (‘PT’ for short in German), we are very well versed in research funding. For over 40 years, we have been successfully mastering innovation policy challenges and have been able to successfully realise many programmes for our customers.  We are convinced: keep moving to be innovative.

In the PT-Lab, we develop new ideas and capabilities to continually improve the research funding process. We discuss new approaches, design concepts and prototypes, compare these with conventional methods and put everything to the test. With inquiring minds backed up by considerable experience, we develop new instruments and innovative ideas, which become market-ready tools. We customise these to the needs of our customers.

To "Technologies and Research Infrastructure"

Project Funding is a Process

Every step in the research funding process brings with it its own challenges. To meet these, we use different instruments that we either develop ourselves or adapt accordingly to the requirements of our customers. The entire process can be broken down into five steps.

Our infrastructure for data analysis, innovative software tools, digital workflows and comprehensive database systems for analysing, visualising and evaluating data form the technological backbone of the PT-Lab. We continue to enhance our technologies on an ongoing basis, to meet the growing and changing demands relating to funding.