Biodiversity – understood as genetic diversity, species diversity and habitat diversity – encompasses the entire spectrum of life on our planet and is the central basis of human life. Biodiversity secures our food supply and also provides a wide range of ecosystem services. Ecosystems cleanse the environment of pollutants, are central to climate protection and contribute significantly to human health and well-being. The more diverse an ecosystem is, the more stable it is in the face of extreme influences, pests or natural disasters.

Biodiversity is declining in many regions of the world and Germany is also affected. The rapid loss of biodiversity is essentially due to human activity. Land conversion, deforestation, overexploitation, pollution and climate change are affecting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Advising, analysing, organising, promoting

We supervise national and international projects that serve the protection and sustainable use of biodiversity and are intended to slow down or even stop the loss of biodiversity. With our expertise, we accompany the national research landscape as well as the European and international ones. In doing so, we advise and support our clients, among other things, in the development of new funding announcements for innovative research fields on the topic of biodiversity.