Political and economic decisions require well-founded knowledge. Only those familiar with the current research issues and important trends can develop successful strategies. This applies both to the promotion of research as well as to organisational and product development.

In our in-house Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), the concentrated know-how of our experts is made available for analyses, evaluations and forecasts.

We evaluate technological and innovation policy programmes, identify leading technologies, design strategy road maps and draft political recommendations for action.

In order to do this, the iit has developed its own analytical tools which it uses, for example, to measure the innovativeness of organisations, to continue to develop business models in a structured manner or to examine the degree of maturity of an innovation system.

In this context, we feel right at home, so to speak, in many disciplines: We advise, for example, the health management industry on issues regarding need-based health care delivery, examine system innovations regarding their economic feasibility and support politicians during the design of new promotional tools. We reveal ways for the improved penetrability of the educational system, evaluate correlations between work and human-maschine interaction, we are active in the technological impact research and support players from the health care industry with analyses, evaluations and consulting services.

Additional information about our analytical work can be found on the website of the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) –www.iit-berlin.de– or on the list of our past projects.