Karriere - Ihre Perspektive

You will apply your specialist knowledge and your skills to a range of topics as you play your part within our interdisciplinary teams – and you will learn more and more each day. Our company has flat hierarchies and we actively encourage you work independently. The project leaders change as new projects are launched because the choice of team leader is determined by the topic. This means it is possible that you although might lead a project at one point in time, with other assignments you might play a supportive role by checking applications.

At VDI/VDE-IT, you can follow a range of different career paths because our permeable structures allow for a diverse range of opportunities. This means you can, for instance, move from being an assistant to taking on a processing role – or you can refocus on a different area of specialism. Depending on the respective size of our departments, each one has a leader, a deputy and team leaders. Regardless of the level at which you are working, you can be a project leader, which enables you to gain valuable project experience and experience in a leadership role.

In your annual discussions with your supervisor, you will agree goals for the year ahead. By providing development opportunities and enabling you to participate in congresses and seminars, we help you to achieve these goals and strengthen your personal and professional development.