Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien

Information and communication technologies are essential building blocks for the interconnected world of the future – e.g. in the Smart City, industry 4.0 or interconnected autonomous driving. In the future, information and communication systems will connect billions of devices on the Internet of Things. They will generate, process and store inconceivably large data quantities. In the highly flexible factory of the future, wireless transmission technologies will become the standard – this applies both to mobile robots as well as to mobile assistance systems or virtual reality applications. High-performance communication networks will be the basis of a lively and interconnected city in the future and enable new forms for the administration of cities and entire regions.

A New Generation of Mobile Communications

In this interconnected future, the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) will be of critical importance. In this regard, 5G will be more than merely a new mobile access network. Behind 5G, there will be an unbelievably high-performing infrastructure which will be able to transport small and even large data quantities quickly and reliably, to process these data with extremely fast response times and will be available anywhere – regardless of whether interconnected autonomous vehicles are performing cooperative driving manoeuvres, when one is watching daily news broadcast on a mobile telephone on the ICE or a cashless payment is made at the ice cream stand in the park.