Digitalisierung im Gesundheitswesen

Health-related topics are an important part of our work. The focus is on providing health services to all citizens and ensuring that services are delivered in a way that is appropriate and patient-oriented. To do so, we need suitable structures and services in the areas of prevention, health promotion, diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation and care.

Health is a global issue as well. It is a very important topic at the G7 and G20 summits. Infections know no borders and even illnesses that are not contagious are spreading from country to country. As such, national health systems should always be viewed in an international context.
Healthcare needs to be organised in a way that will be viable in the future – a principle that also applies to the way it is structured and financed by the government or the market. This means that new kinds of education and training will be needed.

The Health System And Digitalisation

One of the main challenges in terms of health policy is the long-term task of securing sustainably-financed, high-quality healthcare. Furthermore, all citizens require access to appropriate care when they need it.
There are some fundamental questions that need to be asked and answered again and again. These include the issues of finance, wages, new cross-sectoral types of care and the integration of innovation into the health system.  Our work helps to support the process of digitalisation, which will permanently change our health system and open up new opportunities.