Smart City

Life in cities and municipalities is becoming increasingly complex. Society, the private sector, politics and the government have high standards regarding a well-functioning society. This is where holistic ‘Smart City’ concepts come in. They seek to create meaningful connections and interplay between these areas of life, giving particular consideration to sustainability, mobility, energy and the environment. The goal is to promote efficiency, convenience and sustainability in these sectors through the use of organisational and technological solutions and innovations. The ongoing process of digitalisation accelerates this process, while bringing about a significant and welcome improvement to the interconnectedness between the various aspects of urban life.

Digitalisation has now reached both federal states and local municipalities, and it is constantly gaining momentum in these settings. It is becoming clear that digital transformation has long since ceased to be purely a matter of technology. Instead, it is a comprehensive project that involves rebuilding regions and cities in a strategic, forward-looking way.
For cities and municipalities, the phrase ‘Smart City’ means so much more than simply e-Governance and digital, user-friendly administration. It also incorporates infrastructures and intelligent concepts of different sectors and the ways they are connected. For example, smart living, smart energy and smart mobility all go hand in hand. Technological applications need to serve the citizen and should help to improve their quality of life and the quality of their surroundings. Cities and municipalities are faced with the task of utilising the opportunities offered by digitalisation in a proactive and meaningful way, coordinating the change process and helping to ensure that the local area enters the digital age without endangering the quality of local community life.

Advising, Analysing, Promoting and Organising

We support municipalities and national and federal government ministries with their strategic direction and with the implementation of measures associated with the topic of ‘Smart City’.

We assist with the implementation of regional and supra-regional funding measures and we conduct studies on and analysis of current trends and technological developments.
We provide support with funding measures for digital transport infrastructure, automation and networked mobility. We also develop and test fields of application for 5G and address overarching issues such as IT security, (data protection) law and standardisation. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible support as they develop and implement smart services in urban, municipal and rural areas.