Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter

The challenges at VDI/VDE-IT are multi-faceted. That’s why our employees have such a wide range of skills. At first glance, some of these skills may appear to be contradictory but they are essential as we seek to shape the future together.

We are keen to welcome...

  • specialists who are also generalists.
  • pioneering thinkers who rigorously follow up on their work.
  • individualists who can also work flexibly in a variety of different teams.
  • cosmopolitans who provide legally valid documentation for every workflow.
  • talented communicators who can tackle new topics independently.
  • fans of new advances who can also perform administrative tasks.

In short, we are looking for seasoned professionals who are ready to keep exploring new avenues with us!

Scientific Assistant/Consultant (d/m/f)

You will work with us on scientific projects and will be responsible for the assessment, evaluation and professional supervision of our clients’ research and development projects. You will also analyse the latest trends in the relevant area of focus. Your role will also include preparing statements, publications and presentations and you will be involved in organising events. To some extent, you will also document your work – this strengthens collaboration and increases transparency for the client.

Administrative/Commercial Specialist (d/m/f)

You will provide project applicants with advice concerning the necessary formalities, such as eligibility for filing an application, the supporting documentation required and how to make calls for funds. Your role will involve performing administrative and commercial checks on funding applications and casting a critical eye on costs and calculations. You will also be responsible for preparing and compiling project documents for the client.

Assistant (d/m/f)

As a Project Assistant or Team Assistant, you will take on organisational tasks, such as arranging meetings, business trips and events. You will also undertake the associated preparatory and follow-up tasks. You will create presentations and take minutes, as well as preparing reports and conducting research. Your role will also involve maintaining databases, providing information over the telephone and putting applicants in touch with the relevant people.

Consultant In A Cross-Sectoral Department (d/m/f)

You will support the specialist departments with the design, organisation and implementation of our assignments. In the course of this project work, you will collaborate with many different colleagues. Whether you are working in bookkeeping, property management, accounting, travel services or HR, you will provide the company’s infrastructure with strong support. As a consultant for the Public Relations Department or the Data Processing Department, you will help clients with the implementation of public relations activities or with questions regarding IT. You will also be the point of contact for the relevant internal processes.