Fahnen vor der VDI/VDE-IT

We have the right solution for every step in the process of innovation. We provide a valuable basis for decision-making  with our scientific services. As project manager, we manage funding programmes in the field of innovation and technology policy. Our office, network and process management services help implement innovation policy in the economy.


Political and economic decisions require well-founded knowledge. Only whoever is quite familiar with the current research issues and knows the important trends can develop successful strategies. This applies both to the promotion of research as well as to organisational and product development.



Subsidised programmes strengthen the German and European research and industry location. As the project sponsor, we support and advise the German federal government, the German state governments and the EU to efficiently use public funds.



Brilliant ideas and clever innovations can thrive only if they are supported by the right offices. Thus, we organise branches and contact offices for public programmes and assume responsibility there for the development and expansion work as well as the management of industrial and research networks. We make ourselves available here as a contact person for industry, research and medium-sized businesses while providing our specialised know-how.