Taking a look beyond the statistical averages, demographic change varies significantly from region to region. Regional disparities are the result of a combination of different developments and factors. In regions that are less economically developed, the impact of emigration and an ageing population is particularly noticeable. This is because these regions are often tackling additional challenges at the same time, such as structural weaknesses in the economy, or the insufficient provision of medical and infrastructural public services. 

As such, the problem areas are diverse but they offer a great degree of freedom in terms of design scope. In any region where there is demographic change, it is important to retain the innovation capability, since this will help to generate improvements in added value, employment and prosperity. At the same time, social, organisational and technological innovations can help to mitigate the detrimental developments in these regions. They can also help to tap into the potential of demographic change – the keywords here are age and experience, cultural diversity and creativity, generations and justice – in order to generate innovative solutions.

Advising, Analysing, Promoting and Organising

We advise our clients, helping them to develop suitable concepts that are tailored to the circumstances of the specific region. This enables them to shape the outworking of the demographic change as well as they can and to make the most of the opportunities that arise from it.