Fahrzeug mit Sensordarstellung

Automated and interconnected driving is the solution for more safety on the roads and for efficient controlling of traffic flows. It enables requirements-based and barrier-free mobility and reduces energy consumption and emissions.

Automated and interconnected driving will be one of the decisive innovation fields in this decade and likely in the decades to come. Already today, one can find countless driver-assistance systems in new vehicles. They provide support when parking, keep the vehicle within the driving lane or independently activate the emergency brakes in critical situations. Even automated emergency call systems and access to the Internet in the vehicle are customary.

Progressing digitalisation enables an increasing interconnectedness and thus cooperations both between the vehicles themselves as well as with infrastructure elements such as traffic lights, charging poles for electric cars or IT-based mobility service providers. Digitalisation is an essential aspect of completely autonomously driving vehicles which are already tested in their initial phases.

The future of mobility is autonomous, interconnected and electric.

The Challenges

Before self-driving vehicles find their way to our roads, substantial research and development efforts still remain necessary.

Technologies such as environment sensors for recognition of complex surroundings or algorithms and architectures for vehicle steering purposes are currently designed. Similarly, researches develop new methods for interacting with the vehicle occupants, other traffic participants and the infrastructure. Furthermore, however, solutions will be required for guaranteeing the obligatory data security. Communication systems will send and receive large data quantities and must, at the same time, permanently safeguard against third-party misuse and cyberattacks.

In addition, legal framework conditions are of critical importance to the introduction and acceptance of automated driving. The political discourse and ethical discussion on these and additional issues will continue for a long time and will require active engagement in dialogue on these issues by all of society.

Advising, Analysing, Organising and Promoting

To ensure successful progress in this area, we advise and support our customers on almost all facets of automated driving. We coordinate European projects and organise networks. We support our customers from the German federal government and the German state governments as project manager during the design and implementation of promotional measures and serve on national committees. In addition, we conduct studies and evaluations. In this regard, our focus is on technologies for the automation and interconnectedness of vehicles – especially in conjunction with electric mobility – as well as the integration of automated vehicles into our transportation systems.