Dr. Hartmut Strese

The staff working in the Administrative Project Management Department handles the administrative processing of applications for funding and of documentation regarding the use of funds, and shepherd proposed projects into various funding programmes. They are responsible for examining the creditworthiness of applicants, examining and paying out the funding requirements of beneficiaries, preparing decisions for changes to projects and dealing with insolvency cases. They work in close cooperation with respective federal ministries and the company’s various departments.

The Administrative Project Management Department is the contact point for companies and research institutions with respect to all administrative aspects of their funded projects, in that it informs them about the requirements and procedures related to R&D funding, and supportively offers its expertise in particular to small and medium-sized companies. The employees of the department possess in-depth knowledge in the fields of subsidy-related and budgetary law, business administration, political economics and public sector management, as well as administrative and commercial law.

Also covered by department members with dual qualifications are the specialised fields of business informatics, process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and information sciences, among others. This often facilitates communication with the project leaders of the funded institutions.

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