Einladungsdeckblatt: Launch your Digital Enterprise

With the tagline ‘Customised Manufacturing Solutions for SMEs’, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH and Siemens AG are running a roadshow for entrepreneurs who want to make improvements to their production processes in the areas of digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

At different locations in Germany, four hosts from a variety of sectors are presenting their approaches for increasing flexibility, enhancing productivity and improving levels of customer satisfaction. You will be able to see in person how these approaches optimise the complex processes at the various businesses! You can also make the most of the expertise being shared by our selected hosts. In addition to 60–90 minute factory tours, during which will you will see solutions in action, you can also attend expert presentations. Topics will include using digitalised processes to reduce workload, the challenges and opportunities of robotics and creating value from your data by using plant data analytics.



10:00 – Welcome and Introduction
10:15 – The Challenges Of Digitalisation for SMEs | VDI/VDE-IT
10:45 – 30% Reduction In Labour Input By Comprehensively Digitalising Processes | Siemens
11:30 – Digitalisation In The Manufacturing Industry – Current Status and Opportunities | Siemens partner
12:00 – Robotics | KUKA
13:15 – Setting Up Digital Twins | Siemens
13:45 – Digitalisation Examples From The Host and A Factory Tour
16:15 – Creating Value From Data By Using Plant Data Analytics (‘MindSphere’) | Siemens
16:45 – Transition To A Discussion About SMEs