By use of Horizon-Scanning vague evidence of indistinctly emerging scientific-technological trends are identified in order to screen them with regard to their social relevance and possible positive or negative impacts. By using this approach, principles and conditions for new developments are discovered that may otherwise remain unnoticed. The central aim is therefore the sensitisation of the representatives of the Committee of Education, Research and Technology Assessment for likely important developments.

On the one hand, VDI/VDE-IT’s role in the thematically open Horizon Scanning lies in providing new impulses for the fractions and commissions by making available short profiles supporting the process of topic selection for the preparation of deepening TAB-analyses. On the other hand, in the Horizon-Scannings that are thematically restricted, VDI/VDE-IT works on selected topics such as “Open Innovation Processes as Cloud-Services”, “Additive Production Processes/3D-Printing”, “Human Technology Interaction” or “Digital Work”.