Our systematic approach to Horizon Scanning provides indications of developments that are just beginning to emerge and describes their potential for social, technological, economic, political and ecological change in order to assess their relevance for political-strategic decision-making processes. The aim is to contribute to the research and innovation policy orientation and opinion formation of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA). Our Horizon Scanning consists of a combination of a software-based search strategies and an expert-based assessment process.

With Horizon Scanning, our task is to provide impulses to the parliamentary groups and committees in the form of topic profiles for the decision-making process in preparation for in-depth TAB analyses.

As a new short format, "TA-Kompakt" will help to reveal different viewpoints and uncertainties based on key questions on relevant scientific and technological developments and their societal impacts. The involvement of external expertise, the short processing time of 3 to 5 months and a publication of the central results cover short-term information and consultation needs on the part of the parliament in the best possible way.