The Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) assumes a multiplicity of tasks in order to ensure and develop the effectiveness and performance of the German healthcare system. It is necessary to enable citizens to have adequate access to health and care provision that meets the status of up-to-date medical knowledge while also performing economically. Decisive for achieving these goals are the statutory health insurance and statutory nursing care insurance.

Departmental research is a crucial element for preparing health policy decisions. Its results provide indications regarding health policy demands and help to find and evaluate ways for meeting these.

VDI/VDE-IT supports the BMG in the strategic alignment of the departmental research as well as in planning, realising and evaluating the research programmes. Among these tasks are finding relevant issues, preparing funding announcements, choosing eligible projects as well as the comprehensive administrative and functional support of projects. Furthermore, we assist the BMG with enquiries by political actors or citizens and represent the ministry in national and international committees.