With our development platform, we analyse process events, before they become noticeable as problems. Control information for optimising your funding measure is therefore received at an early stage. This also forms the basis for external evaluations.
For the best possible realisation of funding measures in a dynamic environment, programme processes need to be monitored systematically. Potential for optimisation can thus be identified at an early stage.

Process Data as a Control Tool

By evaluating central process data on player structure, their regional distribution and the ratio of external funding to own financing for funding recipients, a solid basis is already laid for improved understanding of programme realisation.
Other data is generally only available after an external evaluation, which mostly takes place at a relatively late stage in the programme lifespan. However, control information is needed much earlier. Our monitoring activities, with accompany funding measures, therefore give you quick access to important core data – and do so from a comparative perspective.

Standardised Comparative Data as Useful Aid for Interpreting Monitoring Data

Over our many years of managing and evaluating projects, we have continuously built up a data pool containing important comparative data. This enables us to compare key aspects of your funding measure with reference programmes and to thus identify particular challenges at an early stage. Typical player distributions in technology funding programmes can be fed in as reference data for example and the regional origin of applicants can be compared with regional patterns for other measures.

Regular Surveying of Funding Recipients and Comparisons with Reference Data

Comparative data is also available for typical data collected during surveys. This has been collected, for example, during measure-integrated monitoring through the explicit and implicit surveying of funding recipients . By way of example, such data can relate to assessment of the application and approval process, to key project objectives, to typical challenges in collaborating on joint projects or to paths for exploitation and the pursuit of cooperations.

Real-time Visualisation of Key Funding Data

Providing key process data through an interactive, secure portal gives you the opportunity to track programme realisation in real time and to make use of special evaluations. Time series are depicted, as are geographical evaluations or comparison with reference data.

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