Deckblatt Disrupting Mobility

Disruptive innovations, in contrast to just revolutionary ones, not only substitute existing solutions, but they also create new markets and change society. It was not the revolutionary invention of the automobile alone but rather it is a cheap mass manufacturing platform that replaced the carriage a century ago. Today, none of the much discussed revolutions in transportation, be it electric cars or self-driving pods, alone has a truly disruptive potential. Each of them faces high financial and legal hurdles for mass adoption.

However, if these innovations are combined with each other into a vs. system approach with game-changing business and operational models, true synergies can be unlocked.

The sharing economy, which includes models such as ridesourcing, carsharing, and pooled rides, offers the opportunity to unlock the potential of other technologies. Combined, an innovative mobility system could arise that makes travel cheaper, cleaner, and more accessible, particularly in cities.