The two Managing Directors, Peter Dortans and Dr. Werner Wilke, jointly manage the company.

Peter Dortans

Portrait Peter Dortans

Peter Dortans was born in 1962 and graduated from the University of Cologne with a degree in business management in 1988. From 1989 on, he worked for ESSO A.G. Hamburg in Germany and abroad in the sectors Marketing, Trading, ESSO BENELUX, Controlling, Business Planning for Germany, Switzerland, Austria.
From 1994 on, he directed the Department of Innovation Management of VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, and in 1998 he became head of Business Management Consulting of VDI/VDE-IT. Since 1999, Peter Dortans has been, together with Dr. Werner Wilke, Managing Director of VDI/VDE-IT.

Dr. Werner Wilke

Portrait Werner Wilke

Dr. Werner Wilke, born in 1959, graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a degree in physics, with a focus on solid-state physics, medical physics and astrophysics. Subsequently, he worked as a research associate at the Department of Surface Physics at the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, following which he obtained a doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) at the Technical University of Berlin. From 1990 on, he directed the Product Management Department of the German Auergesellschaft subsidiary of Mine Safety Alliances MSA, Pittsburg/USA, and in 1991 he became authorised signatory.