The interaction between societal, economic and ecologic drivers with technological innovation causes a thorough transformation of all modes of transportation systems. Sharing economy and social networks lead to new patterns of use and increasing connectivity of these various different transportation modes. In the context of the EU-project MOBILITY4EU, a comprehensive European mobility strategy is drafted which anticipates and shapes such in-depth change with regard to a vision of the future for 2030. Actors from the private sector and from society jointly draft a roadmap for the development, testing and implementation of new transport solutions.

VDI/VDE-IT coordinates the project and accompanies the complex process of analysing the impact of societal drivers on the requirements for future mobility. We also support the creation of a vision for transportation in Europe in 2030 and the development of a roadmap based on an interactive story mapping method. Furthermore, VDI/VDE-IT substantially contributes to the programme with regard to contents in all phases of the project, particularly in monitoring technological solutions as well as the generation of a vision and roadmap.