Especially in the field of life sciences, R&D is becoming a transformative tool to address pressing societal challenges. These include the increase of widespread diseases and the threat of infectious diseases as well as the climate change and its impact on the extinction of species and on dwindling resources. New life sciences methods and technologies can make a forward-looking contribution to the scientific understanding of these societal challenges and show ways of overcoming them. As the project management agency for "New Methods and Technologies in the Life Sciences", VDI/VDE-IT acts as the interface between applying research partners and program owners at national, European and global levels.

VDI/VDE-IT provides the BMBF with technical and administrative support in all phases of the project funding process. The main research priorities are the development of methods and technologies for the life sciences, active compound research, cell and gene therapies, genome research, alternative methods to animal testing, biodiversity, blue and green biotechnology, but also start-up and SME funding in the field of biotechnology. Furthermore VDI/VDE-IT assists the BMBF in establishing and further developing funding priorities as well as in disseminating research results through technical communication.