Far reaching changes currently become apparent for universities and colleges: In the age of the Internet and Digitalisation, not only teaching and research are altered but also the more general university structures in all their different institutional levels. Expectations connected to this change – particularly with regard to the design and configuration of the courses of study – are high: New options of individualisation in teaching and additional chances for lifelong learning are only two examples for future scenarios when looking at “Teaching 4.0”.

Thus far, the majority of universities only experiments with these new forms of teaching and learning made possible by digitalisation; thus far, digitally supported approaches to exams are only tried out. In this context, universities make modifications in their organisational structures and processes to different extents.

The concomitant research to these approaches and formats can generate helpful knowledge for politics and praxis. This is the main goal of the primary funding activities in the new research field “Digital University Teaching”, which was established in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s funding priority “Science and University Research”.