Climate protection means future provision. For an environment worth living in, for a sustainable and long-term competitive economy, for a secure energy supply and, last but not least, for a just society. The climate and energy policy goals for the transport sector will not be achieved without increased use of electric vehicle drives in road transport. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) therefore supports research projects on the topic of electric mobility for the purpose of raising its potential for climate, environmental and resource protection and as a contribution to an increased quality of life and sustainable urban development.

The funding initiative continues to focus on research and development projects that tap the energy and climate policy potentials of electric mobility and at the same time contribute to a strengthened competitive position of german industrial sectors. Accordingly, the established cooperation between leading sectors and science is to be intensified and networking between the individual sectors is to be strengthened. The R&D projects should contribute to reducing the system costs of electric mobility, lowering hurdles in the industrialisation of the new technology, removing barriers in purchasing and, last but not least, integrating electric mobility economically into the energy transition.

VDI/VDE-IT supports the BMWK in the technical and administrative implementation of the "Renewable Mobile" funding programme and furthermore in additional support services that result both directly from the specific project funding and are indirectly related to the funding.