Logo ZIM Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand

ZIM,  a central innovation programme for SMEs, is open to all technologies and sectors. It is a federal funding programme that is aimed at SMEs and research institutions who are partnering with medium-sized businesses. The programme seeks to provide companies with long-term support in the areas of innovation and competitiveness. This in turn will contribute to the growth of these businesses and will create and secure jobs.

The three project management agencies, AiF, EuroNorm and VDI/VDE-IT, work together closely to undertake the project management tasks.

VDI/VDE-IT is the project management agency that is entrusted with the funding pillar ‘ZIM Cooperation Networks’. This funding pillar encompasses the provision of support for network management services and for the R&D projects within the funded ZIM cooperation networks. Tasks include advising potential applicants, processing applications, monitoring projects, resource management, thematic marketing (programme announcements, success stories) and organising special events (the annual meeting of the ZIM network, expert workshops, events facilitating the exchange of experiences).