The EU project inSSIght gathers 18 partners from SSI-related clusters, research institutes and industries and aims to support and complement R&D activities in Smart Systems Integration (SSI) by structuring industrial cooperation and facilitating end-user adoption for next generations of miniaturised smart objects and systems. Previous work revealed the immense breadth of SSI in its technology demands, its application sectors, its business ramifications, its provider and user communities, and have commenced the task of joining all these aspects for concerted action.

Building on the above and supporting the strategic activities of the European Technology Platform for Smart Systems Integration (EPoSS), the role for inSSIght is to deepen and implant this understanding through a cadre of influential partners from SSI-related clusters, research institutes and industries who will define and encourage actions to unlock and exploit innovation opportunities, provide practice-oriented support to the SSI ecosystem, underline the vital position of SSI as a Key Enabling Technology for competitive advantage and future innovation, and give credit to their enabling role as building blocks in sectors with high potential for growth and high return on investment, such as IoT, Industry 4.0, electric mobility, automated driving, smart medical devices etc.