Logo Internationalisierung der Berufsbildung -wb-ibb

With its guidelines concerning funding for the internationalisation of vocational training (WB-IBB), the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is helping companies and training providers to develop and trial long-term, innovative qualification pathways for the international education and training market.

The accompanying scientific project will involve the implementation of a programme evaluation. It will also address various research questions from the field of international comparative research into vocational training and from training-related service research.

The Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), which is part of VDI/VDE-IT, is subcontracted by the University of Osnabrück as a partner in the ‘WB-IBB’ collaborative project. The Institute of Technology and Education (ITB) at the University of Bremen is also involved in the project. One of the iit’s main tasks is to design and implement the programme evaluation.