Electric buses have a high CO2 savings potential when operated with renewable energies. In addition, their locally emission-free and quiet operation offers relief potential, especially in cities with high air pollutant and noise emissions. However, the high purchase costs of electric buses (at least twice those of diesel buses) represent an obstacle to their rapid and widespread market introduction.

As part of the program to promote the purchase of electric buses, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action (BMWK) is therefore supporting the market ramp-up of electric buses in local public transport. With the help of the funding, the acquisition of more than 1,500 electric buses is planned in over 60 cities and regions.

VDI/VDE-IT is supporting the BMWK as project management agency in the conception and implementation of the funding program. This includes in particular the technical and administrative assessment and support of projects. In addition, the VDI/VDE-IT takes on accompanying tasks, such as technical assistance with evaluations, awarding of contracts and the organization of accompanying studies, as well as support for public relations work. In addition, the VDI/VDE-IT supports the BMWK in the continuous continuation of the AG Innovative Antriebe Bus, which was initiated together with the BMDV.

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