The goal of the ‘Neurorobotik’ (neurorobotics) research programme in Baden-Wuerttemberg is to make significant scientific advances by researching and developing new, interdisciplinary methods, concepts and/or technological procedures that occupy the common ground shared by neuroscience, computer science and robotics.

The future-oriented projects being funded have ambitious goals and a high potential for innovation. They also have lasting technological, economic or social importance. The funded projects use multi-disciplinary approaches and develop new, foundational ideas in the field of research – including neurotechnology, the exploration of neural algorithms, learning and behavioural algorithms inspired by neuroscience or biology and/or the development of biologically-inspired robots. The funding programme, which is based in Baden-Wuerttemberg, is aimed at the federal state’s university research institutes and at non-profit research institutes that are not based at universities.

VDI/VDE-IT performs all of the project management tasks, including preparing the call for tender, calling and conducting meetings with scientific advisors, selecting the R&D projects, providing expert support throughout the duration of these projects, organising the contracts and undertaking final evaluations of the research projects.