We identify topics and players that will be crucial for the future of your programmes. The focus here in on topic areas that determine the project funding of tomorrow. In this respect, we keep in mind the interaction of trends in technology, the economy and society, and also development of the countries that dominate these trends. To this end, we use data analysis methods, strategic foresight and trend scouting.

The innovation process today is as diverse and dynamic as never before. New products, services and business models are stirring up entire sectors, countries to which little attention was previously paid are becoming new competitors, rapidly growing companies are shifting power in the markets and maker communities are blurring the boundary between develop and user. The needs and challenges of society are increasing in number and becoming more pressing.

We help you to see clearly in this ‘new confusion’, to distinguish promising trends from short-lived fads and to focus on the right areas when it comes to funding.

Analysis of the Innovation Process

Using the latest quantitative data and text analysis methods,  we examine funding developments at German, European and international level. Corresponding research and publication data is analysed here. This allows us to draw conclusions about current priorities in research and development, to reveal which are the most important research facilities and companies in a particular field and to identify regional innovation hotspots. Over time, developments thus become apparent indicating how a topic area forms, intensifies and which disciplines are involved in it [also see ‘Data Analysis ’ module].

Added to this is our evaluation of start-up dynamics in Germany and also worldwide, to examine how research work actually manifests itself in marketable innovations. Particular attention is placed here on technology start-ups in the sectors that are relevant for you.

View to the Horizon – Identifying Trends and Shifting Values

Innovations are not only defined by technological progress, but also by change in society. Research funding today should respond to this appropriately and involve society – for example in the definition of a problem. By means of systematic, strategic foresight, we analyse changes and use jointly developed criteria to assess whether we are looking at short-lived fads, trends that are to be taken seriously or even indications of long-term changes such as shifting values.

The following criteria are taken into account during analysis: degree of novelty, time horizon, likelihood of occurrence, plausibility, reach, level of momentum, impact on scientific, business, social, ecological and legal contexts and topic-specific and contract-specific questions. What’s crucial for success in this regard is that we are not merely masters of the methods. We are also experts in the various topic areas, which we constantly keep an eye on using framework environment monitoring. In this way we are able not only to collect and structure information but also to categorise and interpret it.

Combining Trends in Technology and in Society

Our analysis of innovative capacity  and examination of developments in society enable us to determine the significance of the respective developments for your funding and the topic areas that should be focused on.

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